Anyone suffering with any chronic respiratory illness like Asthma or RSV feels the frustration of time daily medical routine. Strick schedules, wasted time, and annoying treatment procedures are wildly inconvinient.

It is a necessary evil we must stomach in order to combate the multitude of respiratory problems that fight to keep us from living a normal life.

The only thing that’s worse is watching your children fight the same battle.

Strict daily routines make them scream and squirm. The added anxiety and unhappiness only adds to the airway contriction. And YOU are forced make them cooperate because their safety is what is most important.

What if you could make your child feel relaxed and happy during treatment? Here’s something that has helped us.

Fun medical masks are making breahing easier for kids everywhere. And parents have one less battle to fight in the war for their kids health and happiness. Give child a friendly face  instead of a scary machine. Here’s a list of fun, friendly nebulizer masks that might make them smile: (Click Image)

Pediatric Dragon Nebulizer Mask

Spots the Dog Nebulizer Mask