Many busy, “on-the-go” families have to fit their child’s nebulizer treatments into their daily lives. However, being consistent with treatment is challenging during traveling season. But your child’s asthma shouldn’t stop you from planning a family vacation or a trip with friends. 

Kids traveling

It all about being prepared and equipped. If done right, you should be able to enjoy endless leisure activities with you child. Just keep treatment in mind when planning. Look ahead. Call ahead. Ask other moms. Get online and check resources.

Before you go…

When packing, be sure to include your child’s medication and equipment. Keep them handy at all times, not buried in the trunk or suitcase. And if you’re flying, be sure to take them in your carry-on luggage – you don’t want to lose everything if you bags get lost. Forgetting medications is the most common reason for ending up in the hospital.

Carry health insurance cards and information, and create an action plan (that way you’ll have the names of medicines, dosage information, and your doctor’s phone number, just in case).

Bring a letter from the doctor that describes your child’s medications, and equipment. This can help you with airport security.

Invest in a portable nebulizer. While there is not really any portable equipments specifically for kids, many can be modified for their needs. Many of these can be plugged into the cigarette lighter in a car. If you’ll be traveling abroad, make sure you have the adapter you need to use it.

Traveling on a plane

Many airlines allow the use of battery-operated nebulizers, but check on this in advance. Nebulizers aren’t included in aircraft emergency kits, so be prepared.

When traveling, try to have your child take medications at the usual home time. That means adjusting for different time zone.

If you child has asthma, keep the asthma triggers in mind when planning what activities you do. For example, avoid lots of walking weather is going to be extremely cold and dry.

And lastly, know the location of emergency medical care in the area you will be traveling – just in case.