Most people assume Olympic athletes are at the absolute pinnacle of health — perfect bodies and a clean bill of health. Right?! But, time-and-time again, unbelievable stories emerge from the Games demonstrating how willpower and strength of mind are much more predictive of success. Just ask Oscar Pistorius, who made it to the semifinals for his individual event and will be running in the finals for SA’s 4 x 100m relay. Or have a chat with Eric Shanteau who bounced back from cancer to swim in London.

The reality is that about 8% of Olympic Athletes have asthma.

The Easy Breathing Band was created to give my children freedom and the ability to run and play. Asthma and RSV doesn’t have to slow us down.

For inspiration: check out this 60 second podcast on Asthma and Olympic Athletes by Scientific America  or head over to The Asthma Mom to check out her list of famous people and athletes with asthma.

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